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We wanted our first album to contain all the elements that we admire in music or indeed any other form of artistic expression: sincerity, emotion, passion, harmony, contrast, fantasy… our objective was to put together a handful of songs that would not only sound great the first time but would grow better and better on successive plays, always seeking an individual sound that would identify Harvest, whatever the

song…a pretty ambitious goal!


As a tribute to the first ‘big’ group that entrusted us to share the stage with them at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona in February 2009, we decided to include a version of a Marillion track (Waiting to Happen), suitably adapted to our own sound.


We should also mention the collaboration of the fabulous artist Antonio Seijas, who we greatly admire, in designing the front cover and the song sheet: it was an exciting process watching how some of our songs, through music and words, were

transformed into disquieting images: true works of art.


Underground Community is a self-produced album: recorded, mixed and edited entirely by our own label (Red Phone Records) and mastered at the Musiclan studios, it contains all the elements we were looking for from the beginning. We are proud to be able to say, following the reviews and comments from the press, forums and the general public, that all these nuances have been both perceived and appreciated on listening.


Underground Community:


Autumn Leaves

Beyond the Desert

No Return

The Story of Tim Ballas


Underground Community

Change Life

Post Disaster

The Horizon

Waiting to Happen

She Tries

Night Comes Down

Interrupted Broadcast

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