Northern Wind


Evolution has been the key to the album Northern Wind. Being still true to their style and sound, a touch of new elements can be found on Harvest's third studio. Emotion is purer than ever, rhythm is stronger than before, details caress the ear gently and solos are even more enveloping than before.


Both prerecording and recording sessions have been intense and the approach of producing this third album has been different than before in a positive way. Also the arrival of Toni Munné in 2012 (after Chasing Time's launching) has brought new perspective to the band's sound. While listening to Northern Wind, it is clear that both maturity and creativity have a leading role.


Regarding the visual art, it was inevitable for Harvest to ask Antonio Seijas to be a part of this album and gladly he accepted. Northern Wind shines through his wonderful cover design and also the inside of the booklet contains meaningful illustrations. Surprisingly, the bandpicture has been arranged and made by one of the bandmembers, Jordi Amela, who is, beside musician, also a passionate photographer.


Northern Wind:


Into the void

It all becomes clearer

This day

Northern wind

Sending signals

Something's changing

Under the April sky

Shadows behind the lilacs




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