Toni Munné

Which instrument do you play and when did you start?


When I was 19 years old I left university, I bought an electric bass and started playing on the discs of Yes and Rush.


What was the first gig you've seen and how do you remember it?


It was Jethro Tull, if I’m not wrong in 1984, the Under Wraps tour. I honestly do not remember anything in particular of that concert.


Some cd's you Could not live without.


The list changes over time. Right now my favorites are: Hybris of Anglagard, Doomsday Afternoon of Phideaux, The Whirlwind of Transatlantic and classic... More Yes to Going for the one... ah, and The Rotter's Club Hatfield and the north.


Music you like to listen while driving your car.


That's a lost battle, my children choose the music you can hear in the car. I do not even have my CDs in the car.


They can wake you at 4 am to ...


I can’t think in anything ... no, please, do not me awake at that hour.

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