Monique van der Kolk

Which instrument do you play and when did you start?


I started singing being a child. The typical stuff: Singing along with music on the radio and music my older brothers listened to. One of my brothers recorded me tapes for my Walkman with Madonna, Michael Jackson and other eighties stuff and so, I was always singing the songs everywhere I went. But I never really took it serious. Actually, I started singing classes only some years ago!


What was the first gig you’ve seen and how do you remember it?


I am almost sure it was Depeche Mode at their Devotional Tour. It was during the summer in Barcelona, 1997 perhaps… It was great, as it was at the Palau Sant Jordi. Hearing the songs in a live show was totally new for me. I have seen Depeche Mode 4 or 5 times now and I cannot avoid thinking of that first gig!


Some cd’s you couldn’t live without.


Some? How can I just mention some?! Here it goes…

The Gathering – Mandylion and The west pole…

Marillion – Afraid of Sunlight

The Cranberries – No need to argue

Magenta – Seven

Porcupine Tree – Lightbulb sun

Tori Amos – Under the pink

Sylvan – Posthumous silence

Riverside – Out of myself

Karnataka – The storm


Music you like to listen while driving your car.


I like to listen a lot to music when I am driving. Even when I got somebody sitting next to me, I become quite autistic… no speaking to the driver please!! J Everything is welcome in my car, but depending on the mood I’m in. IQ, Genesis, Sieges Even, Porcupine Tree, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Magenta, Marillion, Phil Collins, Lacuna Coil, Gazpacho, Alan Parsons, Camel, Coldplay, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Keane, music from the 80`s, Dutch music…


They can wake you at 4 am to…


Wake me up for a Dutch “portie bitterballen”!

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