Jordi Amela

Which instrument do you play and when did you start?


I play keyboards. I studied piano at the “Conservatori Superior de Música” in Barcelona. One day I was told off because I started playing Supertramp in class, I tried to make the teacher understand and defended one of my favourite bands. The best thing was what the white-bearded professor said: “Mr. Amela, I am not surprised at all to hear you play Bach as if it was Supertramp.” I think I was hitting the keys at 5 years old at my family’s place. I liked the sound of my avant-garde style and I taped everything on a great mono cassette recorder my mother gave me.


What was the first gig you’ve seen and how do you remember it?


Well, one day at school they gave me a lottery ticket. They said that with that ticket I could go to a concert, it was a funny way of promoting the event. It was for Mecano (an emblematic Spanish band from the 80s) and I liked it! Besides, you shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth…The prize draw was during the show… and I won 3.000 pesetas (the currency of that time). So resumed: My first gig was Mecano and I was paid to see them!! The concerts I have seen by choosing them myself and that were special to me: Supertramp, Camel and Lluis Llach at the Camp Nou.


Some cd’s you couldn’t live without.


Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield

Dust & Dreams by Camel

Without these records I could live… but life is nicer with them…

OK Computer by Radiohead

Brave by Marillion

Selling England by the Pound by Genesis

Snow by Spock’s Beard

In absentia by Porcupine Tree


Music you like to listen while driving your car.


Muse, Spock’s Beard, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater. Jee… I have become more “heavy” I figure out!!



They can wake you at 4 am to…


To mix Northern Wind and realize that I like the music we make.

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