Harvest is a Catalan-Dutch band which is the result of the passion for music that all members share. Their individual and joint musical influences (mainly prog rock and indie rock) have resulted in an unconventional, unique and emotion-packed sound.


The story of Harvest started back in February 2008 when the three original members of the band (Monique van der Kolk, Jordi Amela and Jordi Prats) started shaping up the project. The first songs took shape rapidly, and a few months later was recorded a demo with six tracks which would be the embryo of their first studio album, Underground Community.


In November 2008, Roger Vilageliu and Alex Ojea finally came on board so Harvest went from a project to a fully-fledged band. With a demo out on the streets and a meticulously-crafted live sound, they started performing their first live concerts in 2009 (with a special mention for our performance as warm-up band for the British group Marillion at the Sant Jordi Club in February 2009), and also working on recording the album.


A few months after the launching (May 2012) of the second album Chasing Time, Roger had to leave the band due to professional reasons. After weeks of auditions, in July 2012 Harvest welcomed Toni Munné as new bassist.


Soon, the 5 started to work on new material and at the same time, there were also some gigs on the agenda. Amongst others, Harvest played at the Marillion Convention in Holland, participated at the festivals Progdreams in Holland and Prog en Beauce in France. Last but not least, they supported IQ and the Steve Rothery Band in Barcelona.


Altogether, Harvest has accomplished to make true extraordinary dreams! Jordi, Alex, Monique, Jordi and Toni are proud and keep doing what they love most. To be continued!

Debut Album (2009)

We wanted our first album to contain all the elements that we admire in music or indeed any other form of artistic expression: sincerity, emotion, passion, harmony, contrast, fantasy… our objective was to put together a handful of songs that would not only sound great the first time but would grow better and better on successive plays, always seeking an individual sound that would identify Harvest, whatever the

song…a pretty ambitious goal!


As a tribute to the first ‘big’ group that entrusted us to share the stage with them at the Sant Jordi Club in Barcelona in February 2009, we decided to include a version of a Marillion track (Waiting to Happen), suitably adapted to our own sound.


We should also mention the collaboration of the fabulous artist Antonio Seijas, who we greatly admire, in designing the front cover and the song sheet: it was an exciting process watching how some of our songs, through music and words, were

transformed into disquieting images: true works of art.


Underground Community is a self-produced album: recorded, mixed and edited entirely by our own label (Red Phone Records) and mastered at the Musiclan studios, it contains all the elements we were looking for from the beginning. We are

proud to be able to say, following the reviews and comments from the press, forums and the general public, that all these nuances have been both perceived and appreciated on listening.

Second Album (2012)

Chasing Time is the title of the band’s new album. Two years of composing and producing have lead to a very special CD that also counts with two very special guests. Both Alan Reed (ex Pallas and Abel Ganz) and Steven Rothery (Marillion)have collaborated each on a track. This album has 10 tracks which have been mixed and mastered at the prestigious Aurha Studios in Barcelona.

Third Album (2014)

Evolution has been the key to the album Northern Wind. Being still true to their style and sound, a touch of new elements can be found on Harvest's third studio. Emotion is purer than ever, rhythm is stronger than before, details caress the ear gently and solos are even more enveloping than before.


Both prerecording and recording sessions have been intense and the approach of producing this third album has been different than before in a positive way. Also the arrival of Toni Munné in 2012 (after Chasing Time's launching) has brought new perspective to the band's sound. While listening to Northern Wind, it is clear that both maturity and creativity have a leading role.


Regarding the visual art, it was inevitable for Harvest to ask Antonio Seijas to be a part of this album and gladly he accepted. Northern Wind shines through his wonderful cover design and also the inside of the booklet contains meaningful illustrations. Surprisingly, the bandpicture has been arranged and made by one of the bandmembers, Jordi Amela, who is, beside musician, also a passionate photographer.


Harvest has been performing live since the band’s line-up was completed in November 2008. All of us have past experience in live performances which we have used to give our concerts added intensity and emotion. If the venue allows, we also complement
our performance with audiovisual screenings tailored to each song with the aim of making a Harvest performance more of a global concept for the audience than just a succession of songs.
For small venues or more intimate performances we have also adapted our songs to an acoustic format in which the nuances play a much bigger role than in a large-scale venue. In either case, ours is a live performance in which all the power and emotion of our studio albums is brought alive and transmitted to the audience to perfection.

Special projects

The Dutch website is celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2011. This website is devoted to “progressive” style music and publishes album reviews, interviews with bands, information on concerts, the latest music news, etc. The Underground Community album was enthusiastically received by the website’s members, who defined the music as “symphonic pop”.


To celebrate its tenth anniversary, is launching a unique event: ProgNL. A unique album launched featuring the collaboration of nine bands from Holland. Each group wrote a song to be sung in Dutch with the aim of demonstrating that the progressive/symphonic sound can be sung in Dutch too.


Harvest has written a new song for ProgNL which will also be featured on this album, entitled De stille zwerver, which means The Silent Vagabond.


Harvest was also involved in another project with the Italian record label Mellow Records, which launched a tribute CD to the legendary English band Marillion. The CD, “Recital for a Season’s End”, was published worldwide.


On this occasion we decided to record our own very personalversion of the track "Waiting to Happen" from the "Holidays in Eden" album. We gave our own “Harvest touch” to the song and the response has been very positive.

Competitions, nominations...

Harvest is not a great advocate of entering competitions because the very concept of competing with an artistic expression seems anarchic to us, or at the very least

contradictory. However, it is true that competitions can be a good way of showcasing a band that perhaps the audience is unfamiliar with.


Whatever the case, our album Underground Community was nominated in the Progawards 2009 (Italy) in the category of “Best Debut Album”.


We were also fortunate enough to be one of the bands chosen (from more than 1,000) for the 2010 edition of the “LG takes you to Rock in Rio” competition.

In 2012 and in 2014 have been chosen BEST NATIONAL BAND by the prestigious "Portal Esquizofrenia" and also in 2014 by "Progresivo en España". 


Despite the fact that both these competitions have given Harvest great exposure, we are still firmly convinced that the best way of promoting our album and making our music known to a wider audience is through our live performances and the media.

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